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Course Overview

The Bachelor of Technology (BTECH) in Business program seamlessly combines the realms of technology and business to prepare students for dynamic careers at the intersection of innovation and commerce. This interdisciplinary program is designed to equip students with a robust foundation in both technological expertise and essential business skills, fostering a holistic understanding of the contemporary business landscape.

Key Highlights:

1. Cutting-edge Technology Integration: Our BTECH in Business program integrates the latest technological advancements with business fundamentals, ensuring that graduates possess a unique skill set that is highly sought after in today’s rapidly evolving global economy.

2. In-depth Business Knowledge: Students delve into core business disciplines such as marketing, finance, management, and entrepreneurship. This comprehensive understanding of business operations empowers graduates to make informed decisions and contribute effectively to diverse organizational environments.

3. Hands-on Project Work: Emphasis is placed on practical, hands-on experience through industry-relevant projects. Students have the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios, fostering problem-solving skills and innovative thinking.

4. Cross-disciplinary Curriculum: The curriculum is carefully crafted to bridge the gap between technology and business, providing students with a well-rounded education that positions them as versatile professionals capable of addressing multifaceted challenges.

5. Internship Opportunities: The program facilitates internships with leading technology firms and business enterprises, allowing students to gain practical experience, network with industry professionals, and enhance their employability upon graduation.

6. Entrepreneurial Focus: Recognizing the importance of entrepreneurial skills in the modern business landscape, the program cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset, encouraging students to explore innovative solutions and potentially launch their ventures.

7. Global Perspective: The curriculum incorporates a global perspective, preparing graduates for careers in the international arena. Students gain insights into global business practices, cross-cultural communication, and the challenges and opportunities associated with a globalized economy.

8. Industry-Experienced Faculty: Our faculty comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in both technology and business sectors. Their expertise ensures that students receive relevant and up-to-date knowledge that aligns with industry needs.

Upon completing the BTECH in Business program, graduates are poised to make meaningful contributions in various sectors, whether as technology consultants, business analysts, project managers, or entrepreneurs. This innovative degree program opens doors to a multitude of career paths, where the fusion of technology and business acumen is highly valued.


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